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Why I like a little “disobedience”

I had an interesting discussion with a friend recently.  She's not a parent yet but has had a lot of experience with young children anyway.  I shared with her one of my deep-set insecurities: "What if my kids never learn to obey God?" One of the main focal points for people on the opposite side… Continue reading Why I like a little “disobedience”

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What Your Discipline is Missing

There are, literally, hundreds of ways to "discipline" a child. I plan to write about many of them. But before I do, let me write about a recent concept I've come across that will come alongside whatever form of discipline you choose and will undoubtedly benefit your child. It's called "tying heartstrings", and it resonated… Continue reading What Your Discipline is Missing

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Are the East and the West Really That Far Apart?

I'm starting a new parenting book today.  It's a bit different from the books I've read so far, which are mostly research-based, advice-giving books.  This one aims to change your whole parenting mindset.  The author wants you to see yourself as an ambassador of God to your children, rather than the owner of them; hence,… Continue reading Are the East and the West Really That Far Apart?