He gave it ALL so that we could have complete acceptance in his arms.  I pray that you are enjoying life in the midst of that acceptance.  I pray that this astounding truth would penetrate your heart. I pray that you would come to realize that you can feel 100% secure in who you are and in what’s going to happen to you because the God who created it all loves you intensely.  When we live our lives aware of these astounding facts, we are good parents.  Usually.  A little child development research never hurt anyone’s parenting style either.

So, I want to live loved; I want to live in the fullness of what Jesus has for me.  And I want you to join me.

These are writings for the fierce.  For the brave.  For the selfless.  For the ones who are willing to give it all they’ve got for the sake of the tiny humans they are raising.  If you’re not interested in getting a little intentional with your littles, this blog isn’t for you.

These are not chick writings.  Don’t be fooled by my excellent, stylish home page.  This is a blog for moms, dads, aunties, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, nannies, babysitters, teachers, friends of parents, developmental scholars and any others who really care about the next generation.  It’s a blog to challenge you, to change you, and to call you to a higher form of child-rearing.

These are writings for the ones who love Jesus.  They’re also for the ones who aren’t sure about him.  And the ones who’ve never really thought about it.  But I’m not a neutral party: he has sufficiently stolen my heart, won all my affection, and convinced to move to Asia for the sake of his name.  That being said, you are welcome here regardless of where you’re at with Jesus.

These are research-based writings.  I’ve got a bachelor’s degree specializing in child development and I use it.  There is a surprisingly large amount of research on which outcomes tend to result from which parenting practices.  We really should be teaching it to our high school students–you know, those future-parents-of-the-future-president.  So I’m going to use that research.  I’ll also keep a log of good parenting books–and bad ones.

So please, join me in examining and improving our parenting skills, because nothing is more important than the legacy we leave behind.